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Jaisika Goel
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Jaisika Goel - Founder & Owner

‘Any child is a child first and then a child with some special needs’ is the working motto and the reason behind starting a small endeavour by the name of ‘Crafting Lives’. This is both the vision and passion of Jaisika Goel, Founder and Owner of Crafting Lives.

She is the founder and director of CRAFTING LIVES, an intensive care center for children with special needs that offers them speech therapy, special education, language therapy and sensory therapy under one roof. Working in special education, she noticed that these children needed to be dealt with as early as possible. As such, she is a proponent of “early intervention.”

She is transparent in her intervention and parents are open to discussing their concerns. She and her team has developed a number of teaching learning material  and she continues to improvise so that children not only learn through play, but also enjoy their activities. She provides both individual and group therapy 

maintains individualized plans and detailed reports for each child. She carefully selects employees and trains them before allowing them to intervene. Her vision is to further develop her work and promote inclusion in mainstream schools. In the near future, she intends to establish resource centers and a series of parenting workshops. Also, she wants to extend her hand to more and more children with the main motive of ’empowering parents’, ‘sensitizing society’ and ‘engaging children productively’.

Educational Background | Distinctions And Awards | Professional Journey

About Us

Jaisika is a child development specialist (Masters in Child Development, Delhi University).  She was awarded the Gold Medal by then Vice President, Hon Sh. Krishan Kant (University Topper in Child Development, 2001) 

She is RCI certified (B.Ed. Special education- Learning disability), oral placement therapist and behaviour therapist. 

To add to her knowledge, she has also done:

  •  Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy.
  • ‘Certificate courses in Guidance and Education’ from IGNOU
  • ‘Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)’
  • ‘Oral Placement Course’ for enhancing oral motor skills as part of speech therapy
  • ‘Creative Writing Course’

She has a thirst for knowledge and to add more to this she has attended several training workshops on Autism, Elementary Education, Creating Play Spaces for Children, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, to name a few. She is the brain behind Crafting Lives and committed to maintaining the quality of the intervention.

About Us

Jaisika Goel did well during her studies and was awarded various prizes and awards.

  • Won prestigious gold medal from Delhi University for topping M.Sc in Child Development.
  • Received scholarships and a graduate award for outstanding academic performance in addition to numerous diplomas.
  • Wrote articles on child rearing in leading Indian newspapers.
  • Wrote a book, Inclusive Education, which contains information on special needs, laws and regulations and practical advice on working with them. It highlights how mainstream school teachers can work towards inclusion.

Jaisika has both an emotional and intellectual affinity for children with special needs and has worked for and with them since the beginning of her professional career.

  • From working in an NGO, she was able to witness “barriers to inclusion and the inclusion of a special child”.
  • She also worked in therapy centers, which motivated her to start a similar path.
  • She was a Delhi University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Lecturer in Child Development.
  • She worked as a child development specialist at a hospital (CDC – Center for Child Development)
  • She has also worked as a trainer for nursery and primary school teachers.She held seminars on educational aspects for preschoolers and counseling parents.

She is the founder and director of CRAFTING LIVES, a Child Therapy Center in Ghaziabad for children with special needs that offers them speech therapy, special education, language therapy and sensory therapy under one roof.

Working at Crafting Lives is more than creating individual plans or home intervention plans; it is more about the acceptance of the child by the parents and in society as a whole; it is about the integration of the child.

She believes in “training the trainer” as she periodically trains parents and caregivers in aspects of working with children in her organization. She works with full dedication and developed the center after speculation and careful planning, so that she can give the best from the beginning. She works hand-in-hand with parents, counseling them and giving them guidance for home interventions.

Our Team

Along with her main inputs, the centre is also armed with vibrant staff with the right attitude and knowledge for working with Special Children. Team of crafting lives has speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, behaviour therapists and child development professionals. All therapists are well educated, professionally qualified and experienced in their respective fields. Also, they are systematically trained when employed at Crafting Lives, so that ‘Quality parameters’ are maintained.

Our team is the backbone of crafting lives. They are well educated, professionally trained bilingual, mainly females. And most of all, they have patience, compassion and love which is required to work with special children. 

Our Team | Crafting Lives
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